2.  Login into the ConPresso Backend

If ConPresso was installed in a directory named conpresso, you access the ConPresso backend by typing the URL http://www.example.com/conpresso/_admin/index.php in your browser.

The “Login” page is loaded and you can enter your details into the fields “Username” and “Password”. The name of your project is listed on this page as well. If your are working on several ConPresso projects, this information ensures that you know which one you are accessing.


If ConPresso has been installed in a different directory, please change the URL above accordingly.

Each ConPresso user logs in into ConPresso by using a unique combination of username and password. Please do not reveal your password to anyone, including persons working as editors on the same project. Even the administrator should not ask you for your password.

The application of unique, individual usernames makes sure that only authorised persons can access the system to change and create content. Furthermore, the user rights within the system are based on the username, so that content editors can only work on those parts of a project that are relevant to them.

In an online newspaper, for example, this would mean that the sports editor can only work on articles in the sports section while the business editor can only create and change contents of the business section.


Please enter your username.


Please enter your password. As the system distinguishes between upper and lower case letters, please check that you have typed in the correct case.

After you have entered your username and password, please click on “login”.


If you have forgotten your password, please use the function “Reset password” and the system will automatically generate a new password for you.